Safety Rules for Driven Pheasant Shoots

Guns must be empty and broken or in a sling between drives.

If two people are sharing a stand, only one gun is permitted on the stand.

Low pheasants must not be fired at under any circumstances, including birds behind the guns.

Shooting must not start before the signal and cease immediately on the signal.

Any breach of safety may result in the offending gun being asked to leave the shooting field for the day.

Etiquette when shooting pheasant at Illaunmore driven pheasant shoot

Walking guns must only shoot at pheasants as instructed by the gamekeeper.

Guns must only shoot at “their own” birds.The shoot for Michael 180

Procedure of the day at Illaunmore driven pheasant shoot

No auto or repeater guns permitted.

Only one guest, per gun, per day.

Stands will be drawn for the start of the day, guns will move forwards or move back as instructed.

Each gun and each gun guest will be given a brace of pheasants.

Each gun must have adequate insurance.